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Investment Monitoring

We approach investment monitoring as an ongoing process.  We continually evaluate all factors affecting client portfolios and monitor these portfolios on a daily basis.  Each client receives monthly reports and other reports and communication as the need arises.  We offer to meet with client quarterly at their convenience.

Here are the steps we take as we work with you to create your personal investment plan to help meet your financial objectives.

  1. Determine your objectives.

We ask about all of your objectives covering all time frames, phases and aspects of your life for three reasons.  First, we must be sure that we have a clear understanding of your general intent and all of your objectives.  Second, it is important to be sure that all objectives are “in harmony” and do not run counter to one another.  Thirdly, we want to be sure we are able prepare recommendations that work to coordinate the accomplishment of objectives and would not inadvertently seek to achieve a single objective only to adversely affect or run counter to any other of your objectives.

  1. Assess the Situation.

We analyze all current assets and liabilities.  We also assess with you all other current factors in your life that may add or detract from your ability to accomplish your objectives.  We also assess with you the current investment environment.

  1. Risk and Return

We help you determine your attitudes toward risk and return and your tolerance for risk given certain market conditions.  We use these results to offer alternative models for allocating your investment assets that best fit your tolerance for risk while providing an expected return based on the risk you wish to take on.

  1. Make Assumptions

In order to develop a complete plan, you must have sufficient facts to assure that your objectives are accomplished.  We assist you in making reasonable and feasible assumptions where facts cannot be determined.

  1. Analyze alternative risk models

Given your objectives, your current situation, your tolerance for risk and expected return, your assumptions about the future, we test all practicable model portfolios using Monte Carlo simulation methods.

6. Recommend an Investment Strategy and Portfolio

Here we develop and offer alternative investments strategies and portfolios that best achieve your objectives.  For each alternative investment strategy and portfolio we provide a list of advantages and disadvantages.  The report ends with a conclusion and a recommended investment strategy and portfolio.

  1. Select Investments

After you as client, select the investment strategy and portfolio most appropriate for you, we offer alternative investments that at present appear to have the best probability of achieving your objectives.  For each investment we provide a list of advantages and disadvantages.  The report ends with a conclusion and recommended investments.

  1. Investment Policy and Plan Implementation

After you select the investments appropriate for you, we develop an implementation plan for your approval.  That approved implementation plan is then used to establish an Investment Policy that guides us in the achievement of your objectives.

  1. Evaluate Performance

We then implement and monitor the investment plan through daily observance, monthly and special reports to you, and meetings with you at your convenience.  The performance of each investment is measured by comparing the actual realized returns against the expected returns. The returns are compared to the most appropriate benchmark index. Each investment is also periodically evaluated to determine if they continue to meet your investment criteria.

  1. Adjustments to Your Portfolio

We provide recommendations when your portfolio should be adjusted to maintain your objectives and comply with your investment criteria.  As your objectives change and you make those changes known to us, your investments are reviewed to determine if they continue to meet your objectives.